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  • Jake Rogers

A Glimpse of Oblivion



Blooming star, ancient beacon

of beyond, burning years

upon centuries ago,


shining down and arriving now,

soon or sooner to be gone.

Soon or sooner to—


oh soundless glow,

one of many luminescent pebbles

sprinkled along my wide skyline,


does your light carry

some message? Have you

come so far simply


to be beautiful? Perhaps

accidentally, a flicker

in the long catalog of memory—


barechested and boxers

                            bullcharging the ocean

braying   ecstasy


midnight comes

between us

and you laugh


“yes,          yestolife!”  

under the big dipper

the strawberrymoon looms


night peels back

the afternoon like

a clementine citrus


sunset        my toes

                in the creek clutch





As I toward you—

As I slip into forgetting—



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