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  • Mark Calogero

Heartbreak is a Monopoly Game

I seal it in a window,

And out it spills,

Onto the white-shellacked sill:

Hotels, and Boardwalks, metal game pieces, and dice.

Love, and the heartbreak it issues, is a Monopoly game, played on hormones.

After only a few rolls, playing with you,

I became that jilted, purple Mediterranean Avenue,

(Cheap and unwanted).

When you were Atlantic Ave.—blonde and rich, oozing luxury;

How did I ever turn you away?


So ready was I to rack up more than my share of orgasms,

Passing Go, Go, Go even more than that rabid little dog,

Could transit.

Mark Vincent Calogero, Ph.D. is a writer of biography and poetry. His first essay-length piece titled The Need to Work (2017, 2021; chronicles the soaring careers of five remarkable Americans.   He was a summer, 2023 finalist in’s poetry/video competition for his “Tom, the Lighting Man” (video in production).   He was an autumn, 2023 Writer in Residence at the University of Washington’s Whitely Center, Friday Harbor where he drafted a biographical piece on one of America’s most successful female stock market traders titled “The Pro”.

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