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Updated: Apr 9, 2023

By Miranda Clarity

your flakes fall in a flurry

meandering their way down from heaven above

to frost the world in your cold embrace

snuggled in the warmth of my room

I hear your whispers and occasional whistles

as you roam outside

I fall asleep to the creak of trees

and the moan of my rooftop

the reassuring sounds of your footsteps

as you lay your wintry blanket down

upon waking I open the window

to see the legend of your touch upon the world

the vision before me

heralds the full majesty of your arrival

crisp morning air

cold to the touch

my breath becomes a fog

as it escapes my mouth

and each wisp floats away from me

to dissipate and vanish into your sky

as far as my eyes can see

all is now draped in your mantle of white

shimmering with the sparkle of diamonds

beneath sun’s ray

your crystal necklaces of ice

adorn the eaves of each house

sporadically letting fall a teardrop here and there

to freeze once more

upon reaching its new home

I drink my morning coffee

and hear the comforting crackle of the fire

from my living room

as I look upon the landscape of your beauty

through my window

bitingly cold but stunningly beautiful

there is nothing like the effect

you have upon the world

Miranda Clarity has been writing poetry since the age of 12. She is now getting her poetry published to spread messages of beauty, truth and inspiration to the world during these turbulent times.

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