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  • Jack Westmore


By Jack Westmore

I have eaten the last

of the oranges


brought back from Valencia.

I did it

whilst you slept,

tearing piece

after sunshine piece

away from the tough skin,


as if it were a string of pearls,

with the scarred


of my hands.

The cats move about my feet in the early morning kitchen.

They have got their winter coats on.

It has been several thick weeks,

but I see

that they’re not like us - when

they are still,

they are as soft and cool as the coal

we did not bring down from the hills.


to leap comes naturally to them.

Jack Westmore is a poet and software engineer from London, United Kingdom. He studied Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge, where he made some of his dearest friends. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, reading, yoga, and swimming.

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