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  • Raymond Hoffman

Watch Out

Fallen clouds



A shaken up soda

People pushing

Hoping for confetti

Soft voice like a girl

Abuse like artillery



Cute enough to be chased after

Assault me for femininity

Or hope on my Ferris wheel on fire

Only winning when someone running after me

Dotting every I

Not letting a guard down

Digging trenches with strangers

Life can be okay if I watch out

I be happy rolling in the mud after a thunderstorm

Ignore hate and prejudices while laughing

I blow up balloons hoping for lift

Love myself most when I can’t give the time for those obstacle

It’s like levitating

Getting up to the ceiling

Regrets distant.

Raymond Hoffman has a background in political science and Southeast Asian Studies. He has taught in China for many years and currently is a fifth grade teacher in the Midwest. Poetry writing has been used by him as a coping mechanism for bipolar disorder for over a decade now. Sylvia Plath has always been a great source of inspiration, as has been Albert Camus. He has previously been published in Beyond Words Literacy Magazine, Sad Girls Club literary blog, Humans of the World literary blog, and Cathexis Northwest Press.

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