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  • Alexandra Smereka

This Savage Stardust

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

By Alexandra Smereka

We’ve done this all before, haven’t we? Spun around the swirling stars in our eyes, the galaxy in your chest, planting planets with every step, a strange dance with celestial bodies grinding into matter that doesn’t matter to anyone. Who knew a black hole could be so wide it could swallow itself? And what happens to space-time When we have too much s p a c e And not enough time? These are the questions I need you to answer as we








into a foreign atmosphere, at most

we have T-0 seconds to reconcile and This savage stardust collects in my lungs like asbestos. Maybe it would be easier to breathe in another galaxy but your gravity is too strong to resist despite our distance Being descended from stars has made you beautiful and full of fire but altogether impossible to reach. Alexandra Smereka is studying English and Music at Wayne State University and has been thrice published in the Wayne Literary Review.

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