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  • Nathan Stringer

The Elephant & The Whale

The Earth’s two greatest beings are kindred kings,


         one grazing without hooves

         one breathing without gills

They spout

They think

They speak

Yet even as they know themselves,

they do not know the head

that rules the other realm


                   But if they meet?

Imagine them in league and ruling parallel,

the asteroid belt dividing their domains

One governs all terrestrial globes

         the messenger and lover,

         the bringer of life and war

One dominates all gaseous worlds

         the jubilant and old,

the master of sky and sea

They rain down gifts

They ponder truth

They issue just decrees


But if they abdicate?

Imagine them, two citizens,

co-equals wedded in the stars

by teeth and tusk,

with tail and trunk,

together traveling

They drink

They dream

They sing

Nathan O. Stringer likes writing poetry about history, and nonsense. On an ideal day, he'd watch "Price is Right," finish a crossword puzzle, and cut up a coffee table book to collage with.

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