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  • Lauren Childs

Nature Demands

I scoured the fields for purple flowers Tulips that were fragrant of the Spring in Colorado I searched for the butterflies that flapped their wings in yellow I ran with the wind I buried my hands in Indigo sands When the sun demanded to fall And the clouds wrapped around her Last ray of light I flew into the dusky night The bluebird landed back in the tree The daisies immersed their pink clouds of florets In nostalgic memory Of midday warmth The grandeur of todays turning into yesterday Settles in the cloak of time I wondered I wandered I wondered I wandered I searched for the sound of laughter Of wild stars committing themselves to consciousness My toes turned into the petals Of a rose And my body turned into the river A formless fluid essence Only to shape into something bigger & I remember Denver When your soul decided to return into the wet Vibrant soils You grew into the divinity of the moon My god, all we have ever been is love.

Lauren Childs is a poet who splits her time between the beautiful landscapes of Wyoming and the vibrant energy of Los Angeles, California. As a proud Latina and member of the LGBTQ+ community, her work is inspired by her personal experiences and her desire to explore the complexities of identity, spirituality, and the interconnectedness with the world around us.

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