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  • Taunja Thomson

Moonlight is sculpture—

can you see that orb sitting atop May’s

spiderwort, a mobile moved by midnight slowly

slowly, slowly sailing from dusk to sunrise, a light

chiming in the dark cathedral of sky?

Sometimes moon rides its cloud-pedestal

close to the velvet horizon—at other times it hovers,

a free-standing eye above ocean, tides the strokes of its

beam fingers, quick, quick, then slow-rolling.

Can you see its rays carving out space

between October’s shorn branches, then filling in

the lacunas with a blue glow, chiseling stag’s antlers,

casting them in bronze, sharp & cold?

Tonight that lambency cuts landscape

into warm slices of silver on which cats prowl

in high relief, lions of Babylon at Ishtar Gate, & crocus

swell in bas relief, barely seen but traceable

by a nocturnal devotee hoping to have her fingertips

inscribed with a cosmic blaze.

~title taken from a Nathaniel Hawthorne quote

T.M. Thomson is co-author of Frame & Mount the Sky (2017), a chapbook of ekphrastic poetry, as well the author as Strum and Lull (2019) and The Profusion (2019). She is a lover of animals, art, trees, surrealism, black and white movies, walking in autumn rains, feeding wild birds in winter, playing in spring mud, & bat-watching in summer. Her first full-length collection of poems, Plunge, was published by Uncollected Press in 2023.

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