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  • Ada Pendill

Ever More Stars

I have known you

Like a mountain knows the sky.

Together we are touch and spine

And no star has been on fire

Nor has a river cried

For as long as your soul

Has danced with mine.


Quantum, entangled, and alive

With the orbits of all our electrons,

Like galaxies, intertwined.

Spooky action at a distance,

But growing closer every day –

Words on a park bench, in my car

And through the dialogue of skin.


The sun will burn for five billion years

And you will wake me then

So we can see the last sight.

That moment, like this moment

Will be coated in gold

And we will surrender to the dark

Like we did to the first light, so long ago.


I want to teach you to lose your fear

Of the vast and starry sky

And for you to help me remember

That the Earth is the place for our feet.

Andromeda, the Moon, the Ground,

And the Bird singing outside just are –

The same as my Anam Cara and me.

Ada Pendill is a poet from the Philadelphia area. Drawing inspiration from her background in visual art, she explores themes of connection, resiliency, and change. Ada’s work was most recently selected for publishing in the January edition of Sad Girl Diaries Literary Magazine and she will have a poem published in the April 2024 edition of Beyond Queer Words Magazine.


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