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  • Kara Laurene Pernicano

dear lover of daft punk, it’s not about mars, we are galaxy bound:

have you ever wanted to go to outer space? as a child, i used to imagine what it’d be like to be an astronaut floating, unafraid of being, of drifting away. here on earth, we fear losing contact with the ground: this is what we learn growing up. i wonder why. when we’re only bound to find out we can’t hold onto it. the universe abounds, a universe beyond our minds, and yet we can’t escape it, we can’t escape our minds–is this why, why we launch ourselves into space on a venture, a desperate venture, to get outside our earthly minds. to see another view: on, outside, beyond... the clouded horizon. crystal clear, not unlike a trip inside my mind–we’re tripping, tripping all the goddamn time. on nothing, nothing at all. and so we danced, we danced. island to table. stellar. we danced, tripping all the goddamn time. I can’t hold onto it. I can’t unleash


my mind. a galaxy awaits

for you / for me:

the cyber kitty, for us

to know–

About the author: Kara Laurene Pernicano (they/she) is a multidisciplinary artist and poet-critic, routinely working in collage, erasure, poetic monologue, comic art and photography. Through hybrid arts, K Laurene seeks to awaken an interpersonal approach to trauma, grief, talk therapy, and mental wellness. Kara is pursuing her PhD in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at Stony Brook University. She has a MFA from Queens College and a MA from the University of Cincinnati. Her creative work has appeared in Snapdragon, Waccamaw, The Humanities in Transition, Full Stop, the winnow magazine, ang(st), Passengers Journal, Newtown Literary and Madwomen in the Attic.

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