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  • Cassidy Fesmire

Wait for Me

In the waiting is where I find myself

hurting the pain of arthritis

attacking my joints at an age way too

young for brittle bones to be aching as I try

to burn all that is baked into my existence

I do not want to hold your hand I think I am

strong enough to walk alone but then I

remember the place which I exist nowhere

in between nothing waiting for forever

to catch me walking towards infinity in the

waiting I can not see the end I can see

where I began and now I am stuck no way

to move beyond the roses stuck into my sides

I always wondered why my mom planted the rose

bushes so close to my bedside so I wait with blood

stained hands covering my wounds the rose bushes

digging deeper with every day that goes by I am

bleeding more my body translucent but the

clarity is clouded by the blood in the moments where

I can not see the end but only the future I never had.

Cassidy finds herself deeply concerned with the human experience and wishes to communicate her own lived experiences in a way that helps her audience feel less alone inside their souls. Cassidy craves to influence and impact the lives of those who are fighting the battles she continues to face each day, for she never was afforded the chance to find community inside her sufferings.

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