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  • Leonardo Chung


Are you there? Please,

clutch those memories of

half-forgotten dreams

of waves that cradle

sparkled sand.

Quick, listen closely and you’ll hear

the murmur

shared in the fog’s tendrils.

Shatter a vase amongst

the ensemble of rocks,

they’ll be witnesses

to the waltz

swirling like vines

wisping up your body.

Now, blur those pinched

stems before a

fanciful observer

breaks the time, their brushstrokes digging into

that carved mosaic in your skin.

Don’t fall behind—

sway with the seashells before

you’re caught in the

violent promenade.

Leonardo Chung is a young aspiring writer who has been previously published by Sheila-Na-Gig, Sweet Lit, Rigorous, Clackamas Literary Review, Red Weather, Vermilion, riverSedge, Adelaide, After Hours Press, and others. An avid thinker, Leonardo has dedicated his time musing the art of poetry through life experiences and his imagination, and he takes inspiration from distinguished poets such as Langston Hughes, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Louise Glück.

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