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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

By Allen Plone


to make this poem simple

move it close

to nothingness

devolving from the word

on the page

to the reader’s heart

burn the paper

watch the smoke

rise until it’s absent

a trace of fire

the light still

lingers in the eye

the imperfection

of the ash

black on the ground

dust beneath bare feet

dark stained sole

the thought of the poem



before the letters fell

the page was empty

white sky waiting

upon dark clouds

all that’s new

emerges from nothing

this poem is imperfect

this poem is incomplete

this poem will disappear

as all things do

it will never be greater

than the moment of its becoming

the empty space of the page

one quiet word emerges

the silence of the morning



the perfect poem

is scratched in sand

close to the tide

where the white foam

washes the words away

leaving bits of broken seaweed

traces of the sea’s salt smell

rise towards the circling gulls

below sandpipers rush to the edge

of the receding waves

leaving claw’s prints

that will soon


Allen Plone makes his living in the film and television industry as a writer and director. He holds a Master’s Degree, Comp.Lit/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and a PhD. History of Consciousness from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he taught Philosophy and Creative Writing for 7 years. He also taught at San Jose State University and San Francisco State University. He taught screenwriting at University of Southern California, in their Graduate Writers Program while working as a full-time writer/director. Allen’s passion is and has always been poetry and children’s stories. He’s combined the two in five of the children’s books he’s written; they’re all in rhymed couplets. He has published many poems in such journals as: Light Journal of Poetry and Photography, Moon Journal of Poetry, BTS Journal, The Sea Letter Journal, Celidah: A Journal of Poetry and others. He has also published several short stories, including “The Cowboy of My Heart,” which won the Rosebud Best Short Story award . He’s had three books of poetry published; Have We Met, More Than Song, and Family Matters.

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