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  • Daniel Leiser

Dance With Me

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

By: Daniel Leiser

Shall we dance?

I said,

Can we dance?

Now the nighthalls aren't around

And the Dance clubs

Are burning down

And soon the venues will charge for air

And the greedy vendors find a way to fee another

Ticket item.

But shall we dance?

The girls and boys are around

Lighting matches to meet,

Fleeting glimpses pass right and left thrown at our

Proverbial feet,

Shall we dance

While the night is young

While the Werthers cry loneliness

While the transcendentalists sympathize.

Can I take your hand and promptly let

It go to find a better home

With the curves and nooks,

Crooks and parts

Unknown to you,

For now.

Shall wedanceto forget the time

Incomplete, as is always with those

On our feet?

Shall we dance and

Fall down and find another

In new ways

Shall we dance and love and lie and leave

And shall we dance when the time is on our side,


If you’d only look my way we could dance the night complete to regain the love in ways lost in fleets.

Wave and rave and raze and stave for the sake

Of us,

One more time,

Will be the last,

Shall we dance?

Daniel Leiser is a poet and an avid chess player. He lives in Pennsylvania.

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