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  • Carlana Perla

Nostalgia Child

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

By Carlana Perla

What is it about the past that keeps coming to you in the loneliness of dawn? Or in the glimpse of sunlight escaping from a cloud? The embrace of the past can be felt when a child is giggling, Or when the wind is solemnly moving the green leaves of the trees in the gentle summer. The past feels like a pain in the chest, And you have to stay quiet, No words can come out of your mouth, They can’t escape from your heart And no tears can come out of your eyes, They are indecent, Someone says in the other room. You try to let go, but the past decides to stay. Suddenly it tells you My child, you belong to nostalgia...

Carlana Perla is a junior student at Columbia University.

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