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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Abigail Diaz

a child, grinning, holds a gun up to the bleeding hole in his chest. you've been here before. the child is you. your eyes stare into

your eyes, creating pools of glass to mirror your love for yourself (or lack thereof). is it enough to steer your hands

away from his wounds? is it enough to keep him in the back of your mind, rarely thinking of him, and then only ever with

mixed feelings?

Abigail Diaz is an aspiring poet. She has been practicing fiction for five years and poetry for two. Currently, she has had poetry published in The Sheepshead Review, Rock & Sling, The Ear Literary Journal, and the San Antonio Public Library 2019 Young Pegasus Anthology. She is currently a freshman in college and is majoring in English, with hopes of publishing poetry and fiction full-time.

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