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  • Stuart Terman


It’s the evening before Valentine’s Day

I’m sitting here at home.

Tonight I’m going to see you,

momentarily I’m alone.

Talented? Good heavens here..

in writing or in verse.

But nonetheless I thought I’d write

(for better or for worse..)

I looked at flowers for a gift

to send to you today

But then I thought “ several days

they’ll wilt, be thrown away..”

Besides, everyone will buy you flowers

(from Cleveland, Chicago too)

You’ll get roses from Euclid Hts. Blvd.

and tulips from Purdue..

Some candy might be swell, I thought

(a store on Cedar road I know)

I browsed among the peanut brittle

But said “ the heck with that”

If I buy you chocolate caramel,

you’ll worry about getting fat.

PG 2

I then walked down the street nearby

my thoughts were of we two

Since as you certainly know, my dear,

how much I love just you.

You’ve warmed this season of my life

I don’t know why, you see,

so wishes on this Valentines day,

that you will love just me

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