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  • Abigail Diaz


Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Abigail Diaz

the world ended for the first time when i was eleven: the news sang sweet songs of

expiring calendars and a black antichrist for president

(, god, what's this country coming to?).

in my own head, i dreamt of the

blackness of after-earth, the sound of

everyone becoming no one, with no more

dogs to feed, no more

cars to drive, no more

flags to pledge allegiance to in the mornings. without all the distractions of sky and

politics and hungry mouths, i wondered what would be

left of us all: skin and bones in business casual clothes that meant

nothing to a god who

created because he was bored and destroyed because

we became too ugly to look at. it will be a

sweet sound, i thought as the tvs and the radios and the telephones hummed and

shimmered like

wings, hovering over a new disaster. the sound a

black hole makes when it chews.

Abigail Diaz is an aspiring poet. She has been practicing fiction for five years and poetry for two. Currently, she has had poetry published in The Sheepshead Review, Rock & Sling, The Ear Literary Journal, and the San Antonio Public Library 2019 Young Pegasus Anthology. She is currently a freshman in college and is majoring in English, with hopes of publishing poetry and fiction full-time.

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